Sample PNG Images

If you can see the second big gradient above,
your browser supports inline PNG files.

PNG samples

pnggrad16rgb.png - 600x600 16-bit RGB grad (4k)

pnggrad8rgb.png - 300x300 8-bit RGB grad (1k)

pnggrad16rgba.png - 600x600 16-bit RGBA grad (5k)

pnggradHDrgba.png - 1920x1080 16-bit RGBA grad (22k)

pngtest16rgba.png - 32x32 16-bit RGBA grad

pngtest8rgba.png - 91x61 8-bit RGBA logo

PNG Transparency Samples

The following examples show the same 16-bit RGBA file (straight alpha) over different backgrounds.

If your browser correctly handles PNG transparency, you should get a seamless composite.

(PNG composited
over PNG background)