Power Picker

v1.1a - 20 Apr 2011 Price: $45
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'Nuff said?

Power Picker gives you what you've always wanted - a full-featured, interactive color picker right inside the After Effects interface. Never again will you have to bounce back and forth between the Apple Color Picker and your Comp.

Apply Power Picker to any solid or text and it takes over the color of that layer while leaving the Alpha channel intact. You can experiment with colors easily and instantly.

But Power Picker really shines when used in Expressions, allowing it to function as the color picker for virtually any filter. Group together multiple pickers on a layer and link them to all aspects of your design, leaving you with a central control center free of dialog boxes and guesswork.

As an extra bonus, Power Picker is good for tinting and subtly adjusting the colors of an image using one of three handy color mapping modes.

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System Requirements
  After Effects 5.0