fnord software is a small software boutique creating graphics software primarily for Macintosh computers, and primarily because it's software that we ourselves want. We also dabble in graphic design and video/film production, so much of our software is created to solve our own problems in those areas.

As a small shop, we are completely open to suggestions about future products or changes to our existing packages. If it sounds worthwhile, we'll do it.

Contact info:

fnord software
671 Ashbury St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

Created using different exposures from a Nikon digital camera mounted on a tripod.

Matting, adjustment, and 16-bit compositing in Adobe After Effects.

ICC Color Managemenet by Übercolor (profile is Apple RGB).
Color tinting by Power Picker.
PNG file by SuperPNG.

Photo taken 7am Sunday December 8, 2002 just after finishing Power Picker 1.0.

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Bowles Hall